We are committed to create a sustainable supply chain in Bangladesh Export Market.
Our commitment to make a sustainable trusted environment for the global clothing customers.
We focused to provide a best customer services for the World clothing retailers.
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Readymade Garments Supplier Muaz Fashion Ltd.


Our in house technical team is responsible for evaluating as We are Readymade Garments Supplier


All fabric and accessories are being tested by the experienced technician before Production starts


Product sustainability is one of the biggest challenges in apparel Industry and We successfully overcome it.


In Muaz, Our prime goal is to make apparel exporting would be one, We are doing the same.


The Readymade Garments Supplier – Muaz Fashion’s target is to make a safe market place in Bangladesh for world clients; from this pledge Muaz enlist safe vendors (Vendors must have all kind of compliance activities and certificates), best accessories, trims , metal items and best packaging suppliers.

Our simple aim is to make a safe product for our clients and consumers; Muaz employees are well experienced, smart, and obedient to give you best support in all steps of Readymade Garments Supplier lives. Our prices are very reasonable than the subcontinent countries as we know now world economy is under challenging.

We will uphold the Bangladesh reputation by our honest, professional and well being work where our professionals give you fast feedback for the merchandising, technical, design support, best quality with guarantee as we are committed to provide 100% sellable goods to our honorable clients and consumers. We also committed to money back guarantee if there will be any single garment which is not sellable.

We are trustworthy company where we will keep our customer in first priority; we always are here to give all kind of feedback to our customer where clients needed.

Readymade Garments Supplier – Muaz Fashion Ltd.

Muaz aims to give all kind of product support to the clients such as:
Denim product |All kind of cut and sewn knit|Casual woven|Street wear|Corporate wear|Active wear|Outer wear|Sports wear|Sleep wear|Children wear|Sweater|Lingerie|Socks|Home textile|Bathrobe|Seasonal trend|Bags|Shoes.

At Muaz, our all enlisted factory are ethical standard and have many world famous clients ethical report. Our all factories have the audit report of:

BSCI, Sadex, Wrap, ISO, Lead, Accord or Alliance certificates, At Muaz, Our compliance professional regularly keep record for the renewal of the factory audit.

Supply Chain

Supply chain is dynamic and demanding process where various departments such as production, Merchandising and Marketing, Technical, Commercial and Shipping are being involved with their best effort to get sustainable improvement and make things easy. Here, supply chain is being maintaining by a crucial management process, an integration of accessories and fabric suppliers and their services to satisfy our valued clients.

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Grow Your Business With Us

Interconnectedness and interdependence on establishing better-managed factories and better working conditions which enables our clients develop their business sustainably

Growing sustainably:

Our best effort to our customers providing quality products and the right for people who have been serving us since inception.

Quick return (ROI)

In Muaz, Our prime goal is to make exporting apparel would be one of the fastest growing sectors in the Bangladeshi economy with a growth rate of 55% from 2016 to 77% in coming year 2022 whereas at present our country produces about $7 billion worth of product each year by exporting apparel Globally.

Our Global clients are mostly satisfied due to scheduled shipment and best garment quality with lowest cost and get a support in Return of Investment 20% as it is very high compared to sub continent.

Creating Market Opportunities:

On the contrary, in Bangladesh, public and private Universities and technical colleges producing young, energetic, skilled apparel graduates and Technical Engineers for Garment sectors which lead to high productivity of sustainable fabrics and reliable delivery.

In Muaz, through our Responsible Sourcing program, we used to source raw materials from a range of countries including China, India, Taiwan, Pakistan .We segregate our buyer s according to their choice to our 15 partner factories to positively influence our supply chain.

Most of our buyers are from European countries are importing 90% of garments from us. We want our Buyers would plan to increase more sourcing of their target goods from Muaz as part of our company goal is to generate revenue from the sale of clothing per year $2, 49,723 in our local economy.  Read more


Sustainable clothing-Eco, organic, fair or slow? Within the apparel industry companies are trying to build sustainable brands. Brands aiming to produce more ethically choose which facet of sustainability to focus on which have an impact on the lives of people in developing countries, as well as the environment and climate. There are two strands of ethical clothing production; ERB (environmentally responsible business) and SRB (socially responsible business)

Transforming on environmentally responsible business by utilizing waste management system would unlock new revenue streams by meaningfully cutting our environmental impact.

Firstly, when we make our choices regarding how we source and process raw materials become a key issue and a part of our supply chain.

Secondly, when a factory operating with energy supplied entirely by UN-renewable sources is an unjustifiable one. The monarchy of social audits does not get adequate acclaim for the important role it plays related to sustainability; Authorizing socially compliant sourcing follows is as much a key part of sustainability as ensuring environmentally compliant sourcing practices.read more

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: In Muaz Fashion Ltd, instead of just concentrating on the effective business solution we have adopted much effective management as our preferred approach to sustainability. Read more

Corporate social Responsibility

We believe in giving back to the Society through our activity by ethical business policy.In Muaz Fashion, Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment through business to our people and society to economic development keeping a deep concern to the society.

As part of corporate social responsibility we actively involved in areas such as health care, education, water conservation, tree plantation and many others.

We have taken major initiatives for the worker of our company as we give them deserved support to sustain growth and create a progressive ground for them in their careers. We used to donate to support the health and wellness of families in our communities, including flood affected people. Muaz Fashion is able to manage a scope of opportunities volunteering funds to fire trapped and occupational hazard victims and their families.

Muaz Fashion is strongly committed to setting example of giving its workers remarkable facilities like workplace safety, health and wellness, diversity and inclusion,fire drill training and workers skill development, equal employment opportunity and the protection of human rights.We are also engaged in activities such as tree plantation, Community service, Charity and helping the distress women and children.

A message From Our Leader:

Our commitment to long term business and environmental sustainability; improving local community well-being, transparent and honest accountability in Corporate Social Responsibility to empower labor standards by combining customer power and occupational leadership – Harun ur Rashid, CEO, Muaz Fashion Ltd.

Supply Chain Management
Properly Maintained​ 97%
Quality Production
Raw Material, Production, QC​ 98%
Eco Friendly Production​ 100%
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