MUAZ FASHION LTD is a promising and fully set up readymade garment supplier in Bangladesh offers a range of fashionable clothing globally. Established in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 22nd October, 2013, our goal is to make a safe and sustainable committed business zone in Bangladesh to ensure world customer committed scheduled deliveries by our professional and experienced people.

MUAZ has been striving to reach the benchmark by providing our customers with innovative, user –safe, high quality, cost–effective and environmentally responsible products and service solutions. We believe if our customer will be in profitable stage then we and all other related supplier will be sustain in this market with good reputation.

Muaz Fashion Ltd. came to garment industry market with pledge to get the solution of garment industry deficiency. Muaz know the weakness of garment industry, Muaz want to make clients live easier by our people commitment; At Muaz we trained our people to keep the commitment. At the same time we also trained our factory people to keep their commitment in every single step of garment lives. We know it’s very challenging but we will make it happen from our core pledge.

For betterment of clothing industry people we are making a sustainable safe supply chain
We are not only aware of good sourcing and producing but also driving social impact where our Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability initiatives are slowly but surely changing lives and making a difference to thousand. Our business idea is to supply safe product and services with very best quality and competitive value. MUAZ FASHION does business in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our Production Platform including supply chain sustainability and quality resource optimization tools keep us better connected with our Valued Customers and stakeholders and allows us exports all kinds of garments. We practice fair production and flexibility throughout the manufacturing chain that enable us to provide a 100% full service to our clients with Our Core Values-Commitment, Quality, Passion, Reliability and Perfection.

Increase your sales by Muaz professional committed people

At Muaz, We put client and client’s asset at the center of our focus while providing security and associated services with respect, compassion and dignity.

We will always uphold client’s trust by maintaining the highest professional standard and integrity; we will continuously seek advancement and innovation to achieve better service quality. We dedicate and combine our people skills, knowledge and experience for clients benefit.  We always seek to create and deliver value for our client. We are committed to maintaining multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment in our organization along with promoting equal gender opportunity.


Manufacturing sustainability 

Muaz aim is to provide best customer services to the clients so clients can reach their top goal of selling. At Muaz, we look after the product quality with high priority, Design, product look, Product fit and feel and also product desired excellent quality. Our simple goal is to change the customer and consumer live by our manufacturing sustainability.

How Muaz Fashion Ltd. Works

People: We are very much proud of our professional, honest, committed and humble people who are working hard continuously to fulfilling the client’s requirements and increase the customer sales. We arrange to train them well and develop for a resource of our company and take a big contribution for our company and clients.

Purpose: We are striving in market to offer Sustainable and Active Life style and creating opportunities for client’s business growth. We would like to patent a new venture of capitalization in apparel Industry by adding an increasing number of modern trends with the resurgence of “MADE BY MUAZ FASHION

Mission: We leverage on Refining speed to market by orchestrating a reliable, collaborative Supply Chain and manufacturing to focus Client satisfaction and committed to make scheduled delivery.

Vision: Embracing the New to shape the future and continuing to be a force for good, a better version of our selves guided by company values and principles, working together as one Muaz Fashion Ltd to scale a new height.