Sustainable fabric:
As a part of our better initiatives about Eco Friendly Product Sustainability, we are working closely with our associates factories for better production quality and improve sourcing standards.

Transforming on environmentally responsible businesses by utilizing waste management systems would unlock new revenue streams by meaningfully cutting our environmental impact.

Sustainable products refer to Environmentally and Economically benefited items which Safeguard human health and surroundings over their entire life after extracting from raw materials.

We could easily say a product is sustainable when it meets customer satisfaction, environmental friendly life cycle orientation and continuous technological improvement. In a simple way of going green, our own and partner factories literally uses Eco-friendly fabrics in order to turn them sustainable in their life cycle.

In Bangladesh, we have a few green factories collaborating with MUAZ Fashion Ltd. to surprise our valued clients with Eco- friendly fabrics made from-natural, soft, Biodegradable and Breathable, machine washable and anti bacterial fibers. This amazing kind does not get wrinkles easily. It imposes a comfortable and flat feel with natural color fastness. The exported products we produce are absolutely free from toxic chemicals.

To maintain product sustainability in every Organic fabric category such as Organic Cotton, Viscose, Tencel, Linen, Silk, we focus on softness, breath-ability and easy to care for. As viscose comes from wood pulp, we used to take care of its source and processing as it is obviously crucial while fabric is being constructed.

In terms of non organic cotton, suppose-Nylon, Polyester etc, we take severe measurements as it is requires pesticides, acid dyeing though both the products require less water during construction and are technically affordable.

We not only focus on turning fiber into yarn to fabric but also while selecting all Metal trims we ensure that must be100% nickel and ferrous free, as it protects human beings from getting harmed or infected by dangerous metal infections.

Our Eco-Friendly Product