Our Commitments

Commitment to Clients

We deliberately focused on contextual factor Commitment to Clients our first standard, to uphold in every spheres of our business from Order confirmation to production and shipment, where we generally make sound ethical decision whatever challenges follows customers’ priority governing by the principle “Quality First”.

Our Commitment

We have been working on circular design model since 2006 by integrating fabric management system. In 2019, we offer our Clients to provide seasonal plan for getting supply according to developing swatches then production to get scheduled shipment and timely delivery thus improvise speed to market.

Since, big buyer’s duration across market and price segment usually emphasizing a broad concentration in finding solutions to address scheduled shipment by maintaining committed quality. We strongly believe the emblematic qualities of products are often the primary reasons for consumers’ purchase. Furthermore, Muaz nurturing brand personality in effort to grip changing market conditions and consumer preferences

Commitment to Supplier

There are many authors underline different dimensions of social wealth and relational principal in which both buyers and suppliers can use to build familiarity sharing.The essence of long term relationship can be regarded as the base building conceptual models, fairness, family like atmosphere, longtime partnership and teamwork between one another.

A number of Bangladeshi factories are going to dissolve due to lack of work and their profit. We monitor our factories in order to provide them survival profit margin to work long term and get more orders. The substantial impact of supplier development on the overall upkeep of the affiliation through the stimulation of agreeable and economically helpful consensual interactions leads to high prospects of future business opportunities

Commitment to Quality

Ensuring quality in fabric and sustainability leads to benevolent accommodations for large buyers. In Bangladesh buyers sued to come of their own volition. But we leverage clients higher dollar value is explained by the addition of value.

We have learned by definition, Quality Management is referred to ‘Zero defects ‘. Our long term managerial practices and the way organization has structured, our critical success factors implies Customer satisfaction improved by 80% and Reduction in customer complaints cut by 27% -a supplier quality improvement partnership with post office counters report follows that we have increased profit by 244%.

The quality of garments is defined not only in sourcing of our raw materials but also by the expertise of our quality management team. More precisely, our management team and quality control specialists provide best effort and attention to detail from raw fabric material to manufacturing and finishing.

Commitment to People

Our employees have been working with a vision of building future for our communities by developing supply chain and sustainability of growing alongside our suppliers.

muaz commitment

The company has been maintaining a progressive management team and providing wages & benefits meet the standards set by Global agencies and abide by National legislative board. Our peoples are our asset, the company has placed considerable emphasis on workers’ health, safety, and self-esteem which are the sources in accomplishing the competence