We have vast sourcing network local in Bangladesh and also in abroad. At Muaz Fashion Ltd we always give first priority privilege to our world customers and consumers by our safe best sourcing. We trust trusted sourcing can give you best output of sustainable product.

We continuously thinking how to gain our customers and consumers better live by our professional work and safe sourcing. From this corner we enlisted safe factories, trusted fabric suppliers and also trim or accessories supplier who haven’t any single negative market reputation in Bangladesh Market or abroad, We are really very much concern regarding past history of the all kind suppliers.

We are committed to our customers, consumers and stakeholders to give them a best and safe sourcing network to get a sustainable, long term business environment to ensure customers committed scheduled shipment and garment overall quality safety.

Our commitment is simple but bold: Our commitment to our honorable customer to get a professional, committed and trusted supplier in Bangladesh, We are working to change the Bangladesh export industries by our professional and trusted behavior. Our all factories are very much safe zone for any kind of customer of the world.


At Muaz our merchandising department is very much polite, well experienced and professional. Our merchandising team will serve you from product development to shipment in each and every step of garment valuable live.

After starting the all requirements of development will be fulfilled by our smart merchandisers, you do not need to tense regarding anything; our professionals will take all instructions from you by their side so you will have no need to take any extra pain for your orders safety.

  • Our merchandisers are professional, Well experienced , friendly and safe for your orders
  • Our professional merchandisers are expert about the pricing as per market demand; they know how to make reasonable prices to honorable client so that client will be benefitted as well as all suppliers.
  • The merchandisers we have are very friendly, knowledgeable and skilled with detailed knowledge about various kind of product such as woven, knit and sweater and also they know about the denim and various kinds of denim washes.
  • We segregate the merchandisers as per department wise.
  • Our merchandisers maintain the critical path strongly. The weekly meetings are mandatory for each customer and they also maintain the time and action plan very fairly. We are very much transparent with our customer and very fairly let them know if there will be any small issues so that the issues will never been there.
  • We always seek to create and deliver value for our client.


At Muaz, we have our own sample house where technical manager and his team are confirming all sample development as per client demand. We really proud of our technical department as they are very much sharp, well and long experienced.

At the same time we also using factory sample house if there will be big requirement of sampling. Our sample support is very faster than others. We give 1st priority for samples as the perfect and quick sample is a heart of a garment where client can take fast decision for their product.

Our merchandiser arrange all sustainable fabric, trims and accessories as per client demand and handed over to the technical department to develop the sample. Our all fabric or trims or accessories will meet the ITS, SGS or any other lab testing. We never use any harmful fabric or accessories or metal items, we ensure the security of consumer lives.

We are very much concern about the quick sampling as we know the time is very valuable, we treat each minute important for the sampling. For honor of client we never demand any charge for the development sample. Our all factories have Garber, lectra software system to ensure urgent pattern send or received by email.

Monitoring to ensure Desired Quality

We have independent hardworking, experienced and dedicated quality management team which will provide our clients with the best quality garments. Speed is a critical part of our strategy.

Our quality team ensures the best quality with guarantee; we assure you that you will be able to sell 100% goods in your stores. We believe that honestly is the best policy, as we are getting full payment from our customer for the goods so we are fully responsible to give our client 100% quality goods.

To ensure garment best quality achievement we strictly use sustainable good quality fabric, best trims and accessories from reputed supplier to avoid any color fastness, ferrous free metal or any kind of microbes which is harmful for human body.

After shipment we take frequently feedback from the customer if there will be any trouble or any comments from any consumer, we must hear of our client and take necessary action as per our honorable client advice. We also ensure the money back guarantee for any single pieces which is not sellable.

Why we are very much confident on our quality team?

We can proud of our quality team as they are doing the work with our company from the beginning to till today. Every critical situation we are informed by our quality team and instantly we share with our client if really needed. We are very much transparent with our clients and it will help to gain our customer trust.


We take great pride in our strong reputation for ethical business practices by creating synergies and truthful relationships between our core assets in sourcing, fashion expertise and brand building, we offer added value for our clients worldwide.

An educated customer always focuses on discovering product quality and style. To sustain the highest level of inspection the quality controller supervises the manufacturing process and work closely with the production manager of a supplier. Speed is a critical part of our strategy. With an aim to speed in market we are pledged to help our customers by reducing production lead time. We Follow Acceptance Quality Limit system of 1.5% and 2.5%.


Our vast sourcing network and large purchasing group involve negotiating the very best prices comparing markets across sub-continent. We accept L/C at sight, L/C at 30/60/90 day’s sight and TT payment as per client requirements.


All fabric and accessories are being tested by the technician before in house to the factory. He/she ensures the fabric or any other trim fabric colorfastness, fiber analysis so the fabric or any kind of trims is correct in the productions.


qualityFinal random inspection is being carried out after total consignment is packed and when the product is ready for shipment. Final random inspection is performed according to the International Inspection Standards.Stay focused, stay close– this philosophy extends from our CEO down to our support staff.


Our smart, well experienced and professional technical team checks cutting, fabric consumptions, and garment shape to make smooth production. Our all factories are doing their production without any hassle.

We ensure factory profit by faster production and our technical and production team help to the factory to decorate the inline to make more production than regular; It will help to factory make more profit. Now everywhere is competition, From Muaz we are taking all kind of step for our factory to survive better in this competition.


shipment and deliveryOur shipping department is following up with the forwarder and shipping documents very strictly so that the vessel will never miss and they keep all record for all shipments.