Quality Assurance

KnittingQuality is a very significant factor in all aspects of our life. Garments quality means ensuring perfection in Design, Cutting, Accessories and Material, Knitting, Sewing, Dyeing, Finishing, Printing, Embroidery and Washing. Quality implies a vast expression from sourcing to final random inspection where all the steps needs to be done with perfect quality measurement to correct delivery and avoid delayed shipment in respect of company performance.

Bad quality Garments earns bad reputation including higher production cost, unnecessary over time. It can also cause Stock Lot which resulting Bank Liabilities for any company or Management. In order to overcome such matters and situation we are eager to follow a few steps or Methodology. To get produced Quality Garments by controlling the quality at every levels we have tailored a bunch of solutions which literally refining and enhancing the skills and potentiality of our team of experts as well as quality control staffs.

How Fabric Inspection carried away

qualityFocusing speed to market and supply chain of product life cycle along with congregation of scheduled shipment in a timely manner, we used to carry out pre and post packaging inspection performed piece by piece implying a highly product control and Manufacturing Management system. We ensure quality focusing different aspects of Garment manufacturing such as-Sampling, Cutting, Printing, Embroidery, Dyeing, Washing and some other value added works including finishing-Needle Detection, Shade Matching etc.

Ensuring the right system, processes and procedures we have improved our efficient compliance & Regulatory team with ethical standards and integrity policies and practices. To minimize the risk we follow factory audit, sample tracking with required product color, fit & feel, also drawing sample for lab testing, material and accessories check with size, types etc.

Pre- Production Monitoring

qualityCustomers wanted to buy qualified and safety products by ensuring proper product quality. In Muaz we never compromise with defective goods as it will have a significant impact on our budget. We conduct Pre Production Inspection (PPI) with a view of our vendor’s requirements by substituting cheaper materials or components before beginning the mass production. Our wide-ranging quality control cataloging inspection will help to put off defects, metal infectivity, and other blemish issues from reaching our Buyers.

Our best team of Quality control used to visit factories to implement counteractive action in making consignment sample quality level. We maintain full compliance from manufacturing to shipment after receiving materials. If any issues or complaints detected, we change the production plan and schedule with immediate improvement of processes.

Quality control in Apparel merchandising can create or rupture a reputed institution. Sometimes our valued buyers might bet on Fabric quality and sell-able goods. In effort to meet best quality our prime focus starts with buying all kind of fabrics apparently from India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan , Thailand, also from Local supplier.

We look ahead to Our Local suppliers with their correct documentation and specifications. Since customers demand value for money hence our endeavor is to produce best quality sell able products by maintaining the Garment Manufacturing process.

  • Sample checking-Fabric Measurement, Fabric color, GSM, Color Fastness, Softness, Length, width, Pattern size, dimension and Fit Feel.
  •  In critic cases, QC team have to visit the manufacturing factories to ensure cutting angle, Correct Ply Direction, identical of check and stripe, fabric splicing. Even they should work on maintaining smooth and clean cutting edge, no yarn fraying and ensuring more skilled operators using on board.
  • In factories, operators using well conditioned machine with a defined checking on thread, Needle size, stitching fault, no mistake in size set, and checking garments measurement with trimming mismatch, shade variation, wrinkle appearance and check interlining.
  • In order to produce best product our team of experts at QC contributes their significant effort on Garment Finishing Section including Collar closing, fabric spot, wrong fold, side seam, cuff attach, proper shape and dried in properly after pressing.

Valued Added Services

We have been conducting our Quality Control Department with well trained cross functional audit team empowered in categorization to get better quality and diminish or remove defects. They have sound knowledge in…

  1. Manufacturing Competence.
  2. Technical Potential with Social Consistency.

Our in house fabric testing laboratory gives our clients the utmost confident to bring the product to market.