Al-Aroda Laundry

Al-Aroda Laundry

* Take Specialty Care About Washing Process & Technique For Your Garments With a Very Experience Washing Technician.

* During Washing We Check Wash Quality, Shade by Export People.

* After Washing, Quality Is Checked By Quality Controller.

* Very Careful About Quality & Quantity.

* Always Particular To Deliver The Garments In Schedule Time For Your Shipment.

* They Have Sufficient Support Manpower and Logistic to Receive and Delivery You’re Garments.

* Washing Charges Are Subject Discussion Based Wash Specification and Garments/ Wash Type.

* Skilled People To Deal With Customer Prompt and Promptly.

31000 pieces per Day

Dry Process:
Hand Brushing, Whickering, Crinkle, Sand Blasting, Pp Spray, Destroy, 3D, Grinding, PP Rubbing, Wash Off, Pigment Spray Etc.

Wet Process:
Garments Wash,Rinse Wash,Enzyme Wash,Stone Wash,Bleach Wash,Acid Wash,Golf Ball Wash,Sand Wash,Potash Wash,Snow Wash,Dirty Wash,Grease Wash,Oil Wash,Pigment Wash,Silicon Wash,Pigment Dcying,Tie deying,Dip Deying Etc.

Dyeing Process:Reactive Dyeing,Sulfur Dyeing,Direct Dyeing,Pigment Dyeing,Florescent Dyeing,Cool Dyeing,Spray Dyeing,Tie Dyeing Etc.

Youth Group
Mohammadi Group
Ecotex Group
Cross line
Liric Group
Orient Group


" MUAZ FASHION LTD is a promising and fully set up readymade garment supplier in Bangladesh offers a range of fashionable clothing globally. "
Harun Ur Rashid
Harun ur Rashid
Managing Director

Committed Clothing Supplier - MUAZ Fashion Ltd.

MUAZ FASHION LTD is a promising and fully set up readymade garment supplier in Bangladesh offers a range of fashionable clothing globally. Established in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 22nd October, 2006 as our goal is to make a safe and sustainable committed business zone in Bangladesh, so that we can ensure world customer committed scheduled deliveries by our professional and experienced people.

We have been striving to reach the benchmark by providing our customers with innovative, user –safe, high quality, cost–effective and environmentally responsible products and service solutions. We believe if our customer will be in profitable stage then we and all other related supplier will be sustain in this market with good reputation.

Muaz Fashion Ltd. came to garment industry market with pledge to get the solution of garment industry deficiency.

So Far We know the weakness of garment industry, We want to make clients live easier by our people commitment; At Muaz we trained our people to keep the commitment. At the same time we also trained our factory people to keep their commitment in every single step of garment lives. We know it’s very challenging but we will make it happen from our core pledge.