Radiance Jeans Ltd.


Radiance Jeans Ltd.

Radiance Fashion Ltd is one of the established garments industry in Bangladesh, Radiance Group started its journey in 1991 with only 9 machine exported from China and shipped out our first dispatch of basic T-shirt to ETC JEAN BUISSART ET CIE in France. That was the first step, after that we have never looked back and started to make the achievements without any interruption and still continue.

We personalize clothing and accessories, we are the go-to-place for anyone looking to realize their creative ideas on quality fabrics. Our top-quality Basic T-shirt, Tang Top, Polo Shirt, Shorts and services will make sure that your business hits it big.

Radiance Fashion Ltd is very much committed to preserve a healthy and pollution free environment. That is why, we have a very efficient waste collection and disposal system. We believe in demand of quality products, think about productivity, future developments. We recruit skied personality as well as train them to develop more efficient workforce.




Fabrics = 16500 KG’s Per Day
Collar & Cuff = 8500 Sets Per Day
Basic T-Shirt = 15000 Pcs Per Day
Polo Shirt = 8000 Pcs Per Day

T-Shirt, Nightwear, Polo Shirt, Rumper, Tank Top, Shorts, Singlets, Sweet Shirt, Ragvi Polo, Knitted Pant , Knitted Scart etc.

ZOLA, LIDL, Gloria Jeans, Family Dollar, AEROPOSTALE








" MUAZ FASHION LTD is a promising and fully set up readymade garment supplier in Bangladesh offers a range of fashionable clothing globally. "
Harun Ur Rashid
Harun ur Rashid
Managing Director

Committed Clothing Supplier - MUAZ Fashion Ltd.

MUAZ FASHION LTD is a promising and fully set up readymade garment supplier in Bangladesh offers a range of fashionable clothing globally. Established in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 22nd October, 2006, our goal is to make a safe and sustainable committed business zone in Bangladesh to ensure world customer committed scheduled deliveries by our professional and experienced people.

MUAZ has been striving to reach the benchmark by providing our customers with innovative, user –safe, high quality, cost–effective and environmentally responsible products and service solutions. We believe if our customer will be in profitable stage then we and all other related supplier will be sustain in this market with good reputation.

Muaz Fashion Ltd. came to garment industry market with pledge to get the solution of garment industry deficiency. Muaz know the weakness of garment industry, Muaz want to make clients live easier by our people commitment; At Muaz we trained our people to keep the commitment. At the same time we also trained our factory people to keep their commitment in every single step of garment lives. We know it’s very challenging but we will make it happen from our core pledge.