Sustainable clothing-Eco, organic, fair, or slow? Within the apparel industry, companies are trying to build sustainable brands. Brands aiming to produce more ethically choose which facet of sustainability to focus on which have an impact on the lives of people in developing countries, as well as the environment and climate. There are two strands of ethical clothing production; ERB (environmentally responsible business) and SRB (socially responsible business)

Transforming on environmentally responsible business by utilizing waste management system would unlock new revenue streams by meaningfully cutting our environmental impact.

Firstly, when we make our choices regarding how we source and process raw materials become a key issue and a part of our supply chain.

Secondly, when a factory operating with energy supplied entirely by UN-renewable sources is an unjustifiable one. The monarchy of social audits does not get adequate acclaim for the important role it plays related to sustainability; Authorizing socially compliant sourcing follows is as much a key part of sustainability as ensuring environmentally compliant sourcing practices.